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Winter 2018-Spring 2019 / Proofing my second book on space settlement; preparing to display my space suit technology at the Paris Air Show; shooting docu-series on my balloon flights. Continuing to teach human evolution and prehistory at Portland State an very fortunate to do so :)

2018-2021 / Continuing all usual activities; writing, flying, archaeological projects and pressure garment development; see links above :)

2017-2018 / My first book, explaining misconceptions of evolution, now translated into Arabic! / Flight testing newest-generation pressure suits / 21 & 22 March talks at Arizona State's School of Earth and Space Exploration and Oregon's Cannon Beach History Center and Museum; and wrapping up my book of expeditions to Iceland, Where Survival is a Palace. Also ''Science and Soceity'' talk at McGill University, Montreal, in October.

Summer 2017- Winter 2018 / Flying; writing; space suit experimentation; in March I have a 30,000' flight test scheduled, and later that month I'll present new space exploration technology at the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University.

Spring 2017 / Uploaded an excerpt of my second evolution book here. Preparing for a summer of high flying and a trip to visit my brother in Mallorca!

Winter 2017 / As below, but will join UC Berkeley Engineering class effort to design, test & build a Mars exploration suit prototype, co-instructing with 40-year NASA veteran Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz.

Fall 2016 / More flight training, customizing balloon for high flights, lots of work on space exploration hardware, completing at long last the Atlas of Human Prehistory.

Summer 2016 / Wow! I was invited to SciFoo, I'll be there 22-24 July! Rest of the summer is flying and fieldwork, also talk at Oregon Institute of Technology regarding space exploration equipment design, building and testing.

Spring 2016 / New research paper for the International Journal of Astrobiology and preparing a space-related visit to India in this December, but as we move into Spring, more preparations for this year's combined Wetland and High Desert landscape archaeology field school! I can only take six students, so contact me soon if you're interested; details at my Field School page.

Winter 2016 / Continuing balloon flight training, preparing for collaboration with The Overview Effect, new space settlement paper out in Acta Astronautica, new Mars exporation tool to be published in Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, writing an essay on space and humanity for BBC's The Essay, preparing for NASA's Tennessee Vally Interstellar Workshop in February and continuing work on pressure suits and other technologies for the Second Space Age in addition to my teaching and ongoing analyses at Portland State University, Dept of Anthropology.

Summer-Fall 2015 / Balloon flight training in California, fun talk for Rose City Astronomers recently; pressure suit work continues, the Atlas of Human Prehistory wrapping up, completing analyses of 20+ years research here on the lower Columbia, new article out and all kinds of flying and diving in the works! Preparing talk & workshop for Second Interstellar Congress at Drexel University, Pennsylvania this Fall.

Spring 2015 / Preparing talks for TEDx Portland the Rose City Astronomers and the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum; continuing pressure suit progress, articles sent out to Antiquity, Brain and Behavioral Sciences and Acta Astronautica, and the Atlas of Human Prehistory wrapping up at long last!

Winter 2014 - Spring 2015 / Wrapping up a non-stop year of 15 talks, interviews and presentations; signed new book contract for 2018; preparing for 2015 radio interview and presentation at Pearson Air Museum and continuing development and test flights towards our eventual high-altitude goal of 65,000 feet.

Fall - Winter 2014 / TEDx Brussels talk on 01 December and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics talk on 03 December (trailer). Then home to continue building and testing at Pacific Spaceflight, when I'm not teaching or writing.

Summer 2014 / Going to the LA area to visit SpaceX in early August, following an intensive, week-long video shoot of my space suit project. Preparing talks for December 2014, at TEDx Brussels, and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada.

Spring - Summer 2014 / I'm preparing presentations for very talented and accomplished folks at SpaceX, in Hawthorne, CA, and the Future-in-Space-Working Group (NASA / University of Texas-Austin) follwed by a month of archaeological fieldwork in Oregon and then August in Denmark, working with Copenhagen Suborbitals. Thence back to Oregon to wrap up the Atlas of Human Prehistory.

Winter 2014 / Mid-Feb Guest Speaker at CFI's Darwin Day in Hollywood and Costa Mesa, CA, new articles in Physics of Life Reviews, Skeptical Inquirer, and Acta Astronautica, more pressure suit presentations at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and local schools, and bashing away at my 2014 Atlas of Human Prehistory. Continuing my work with 'Pacific Spaceflight, Copenhagen Suborbitals and Icarus Interstellar.

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Photos of Cameron repairing sails off Colombia (L) and crossing the Vatnajokull ice cap, Iceland (R). Background photo, NASA "Andromeda Galaxy".

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